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Considering the current local/global pace of change and recognizing that there are increasingly fewer secure jobs, businesses, and/or markets, we believe that the best way to prepare one and all for the future is to enhance and accelerate the way we think, learn, understand and express what we know and what we want to say so that we are effectively prepared for the future, regardless of its permutations.

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  • The Advantages of Dyslexia    (Tue 19 of Aug., 2014)
    With reading difficulties can come other cognitive strengths -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (Source: Scientific American - Official RSS Feed)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Find the best Christmas Sales, Boxing Day Sales and January Sales here.
  • Family based genome‐wide copy number scan identifies complex rearrangements at 17q21.31 in dyslexics    (Mon 18 of Aug., 2014)
    Abstract Developmental dyslexia (DD) is a complex heritable disorder with unexpected difficulty in learning to read and spell despite adequate intelligence, education, environment, and normal senses. We performed genome‐wide screening for copy number variations (CNVs) in 10 large Indian dyslexic families using Affymetrix Genome‐Wide Human SNP Array 6.0. Results revealed the complex genomic rearrangements due to one non‐contiguous deletion and five contiguous micro duplications and micro deletions at 17q21.31 region in three dyslexic families. CNVs in this region harbor the genes KIAA1267, LRRC37A, ARL17A/B, NSFP1, and NSF. The CNVs in case 1 and case 2 at this locus were found to be in homozygous state and case 3 was a de novo CNV. These CNVs were found with at least one CNV having a...
  • Dyslexia    (Mon 18 of Aug., 2014)
    (Reading Disorder) (Source: eMedicineHealth.com)
  • 5 Back-to-School Questions for the First Team Meeting    (Wed 13 of Aug., 2014)
    Every good parent wants their child in an academically challenging school program that meets their child’s individual needs. Whether you are the parent of a child with disabilities or not, begin the school year with five questions that will require the school team to know your child’s present levels of achievement. Don't wait for the end-of-year test!read more (Source: Psychology Today Parenting Center)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Find the best Christmas Sales, Boxing Day Sales and January Sales here.
  • Mutation of Dcdc2 in mice leads to impairments in auditory processing and memory ability    (Sun 10 of Aug., 2014)
    Abstract Dyslexia is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired reading ability despite normal intellect, and is associated with specific difficulties in phonological and rapid auditory processing, visual attention, and working memory. Genetic variants in DCDC2 have been associated with dyslexia, impairments in phonological processing, and in short term/working memory. The purpose of this study was to determine whether sensory and behavioral impairments can result directly from mutation of the Dcdc2 gene in mice. Several behavioral tasks, including a modified pre‐pulse inhibition paradigm (to examine auditory processing), a 4/8 radial arm maze (to assess/dissociate working versus reference memory), and rotarod (to examine sensorimotor ability and motor learning) were...MedWorm Sponsor Message: Find the best Christmas Sales, Boxing Day Sales and January Sales here.