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Considering the current local/global pace of change and recognizing that there are increasingly fewer secure jobs, businesses, and/or markets, we believe that the best way to prepare one and all for the future is to enhance and accelerate the way we think, learn, understand and express what we know and what we want to say so that we are effectively prepared for the future, regardless of its permutations.

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  • Validity of the Decoding-Encoding Screener for Dyslexia    (Sat 28 of Mar., 2015)
    Conclusions: The DESD Reading Test and Spelling Scale had significant correlations with the WRAT-3 Spelling subtest and GORT-4. However, the small correlation between the DESD Reading Test and the WRAT-3 Word Reading subtest indicates that some caution should be used when interpreting the results of the DESD Reading Test. Therefore, practitioners may find the DESD Spelling Scale to be a more useful tool in identifying children who may have reading difficulties. (Source: Optometry and Vision Science)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Directory of the best January Sales in the UK. Find the best Christmas presents too.
  • The Association Between Childhood Physical Abuse and Dyslexia: Findings From a Population-Based Study    (Thu 26 of Mar., 2015)
    The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between a history of dyslexia and childhood physical abuse in a large population-based epidemiological sample. It was hypothesized that the prevalence of dyslexia would be significantly higher in individuals who reported a childhood history of physical abuse in comparison to those who did not report such a history. A secondary analysis examined data from respondents 18 years and older from the Saskatchewan and Manitoba sample of the 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS). There were 13,640 respondents ages 18 and older. Due to missing data, the final sample size was 13,054 respondents. One third (34.8%) of respondents who reported they had been physically abused during their childhood or adolescence also reported being dia...MedWorm Sponsor Message: Directory of the best January Sales in the UK. Find the best Christmas presents too.
  • Evaluation of ocular movements in patients with dyslexia.    (Tue 24 of Mar., 2015)
    This study supports the belief that the alteration of eye movement does not depend on oculo-motor dysfunction but is secondary to a defect in the visual processing of linguistic material. Inclusion of assessment of this defect might prove beneficial in determining the presence of dyslexia in young children at a younger age, and an earlier intervention could be initiated. PMID: 25804764 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Annals of Dyslexia)
  • Morphological differences in the lateral geniculate nucleus associated with dyslexia    (Fri 20 of Mar., 2015)
    Publication date: Available online 20 March 2015 Source:NeuroImage: Clinical Author(s): Mónica Giraldo-Chica , John P. Hegarty II , Keith A. Schneider Developmental dyslexia is a common learning disability characterized by normal intelligence but difficulty in skills associated with reading, writing and spelling. One of the most prominent, albeit controversial, theories of dyslexia is the magnocellular theory, which suggests that malfunction of the magnocellular system in the brain is responsible for the behavioral deficits. We sought to test the basis of this theory by directly measuring the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), the only location in the brain where the magnocellular and parvocellular streams are spatially disjoint. Using high-resolution proton-density weighted MRI scans, w...MedWorm Sponsor Message: Directory of the best January Sales in the UK. Find the best Christmas presents too.
  • [Perspectives] Beryl Benacerraf: new AIUM President gets the picture    (Fri 20 of Mar., 2015)
    When your father is a Nobel laureate (immunologist Baruj Benacerraf) and your mother's uncle is another (biologist Jacques Monod), it's hardly surprising that your career thoughts should turn to the life sciences and medicine. But when it emerges that your childhood difficulty in reading is persisting into adult life, you might begin to doubt the feasibility of your ambitions. “I had a significant dyslexia problem”, says Beryl Benacerraf, Professor of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Biology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA, USA, and also Professor of Radiology there. (Source: LANCET)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Directory of the best January Sales in the UK. Find the best Christmas presents too.